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Friday, August 05, 2005



Hi there
Nasubi tried same thing at Korea too. The point was he could not undrestand Korean language but he could still alive. Crazy


wow.. a guy can actually survive just by winning contest? hehe.. I should've known this before I went to college.. hehe.. =P I feel bad for the guy thou.. They should've told him what the show is all about up front..


I used to love Denpa Shonen. The only problem was that it was kind if hard to find the videos, so I almost never found out what happened at the end of the challeges. For example, I think Nasubi was sent to Korea after he had finished his challenge in Japan. There was another situation where a tutor helped some guy pass the entrance examination to Tokyo University. How did that end? Also, what happened to Tomomi Kahala's attempt to become a famous singer in the U.S. Did she give up before she finished?

I heard they cancelled the show because one of the contestants was heckling a politician. Is that true?

I hope they bring it back.


A friend emailed me with this story years ago, but it's still funny whenever I see it again.

I'd like to see the terms of the contract Nasubi signed for this. It might have been considered humorous in Japan, but most parts of the world would call it kidnapping.

I'm no fan of "reality" TV, but maybe we should try something like this in the US. We could take the producers of such shows and lock then naked in a room or seal them up in a box, then get back to airing more comedy and drama.

Just a thought.

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