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Monday, October 03, 2005


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Life is short, if the wasted years, the short life for too long. --- British playwright William Shakespeare.

cheap coach bags

Life is short, if the wasted years, the short life for too long. --- British playwright William Shakespeare.


Hi Mari,

When you introduced me to this story and said you could not find an English translation, I decided to try it for myself. I've finished it, and it's linked in this comment in case you're interested. Thank you for introducing me to this topic. I'm glad that I can learn new things from your blog all the time.

Claire (クレア)

Yes, I went to Maruzen in Kyoto many times, especially when I was there for study abroad. I bought many books to help me study Japanese, like "A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar" by Makino-sensei and "A Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar" also by Makino-sensei. (So I would have 大変重い荷物or 郵便局へ行ったら、Mバッグをおくります。)

Sometimes I would just buy an Eigo book to read...I have a bad habit of having to read a little before I go to sleep, and I don't read Japanese well enough yet... I will miss Maruzen in Kyoto very much.

But I still am going to Mitsuwa and see if Asahiya sells Lemon. Your description was so eloquent that it intrigues me. And I will leave a lemon in some bookstore here in Chicago. It will make people wonder...


Hi Dali
Thank you for your recommendation, I don't know him, I will check I can find his book in Japan.

Hi Clair
you went to maruzen in Kyoto? really. Yes unfortunately it will close in next week.

Hi Charles.
Sasuga 日本通!!


I read Lemon a long time ago, and I still remember it. It's amusing in a strange, absurd way. But I had no idea the Maruzen store was still open.

Claire (クレア)


I like the description you wrote of Motojiro Kaiji-san's book, Lemon. I will go look for it and try to read it. I have days like you describe, "Indeterminate evil block held down my heart," so I think that this book will speak to me, although it will take me a long time to read.

I am Dali

have you read slaughterhouse five by kurt vonnegut?

he's the greatest american author.

in my opinion. (i've read practically all his books but that one is the one to tell people about)

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