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Monday, December 26, 2005


investment in leeds

How do you make a tote bag?

designer handbags

Where can i find a good sized bag for uni?


Where I live in Canada, there is a huge shortage of XBox360. In fact, you can't get them anywhere in the city at all!

I like fukubukuro. In fact, I asked a friend of mine in Japan to buy me a Super Lovers one :) Hopefully it will arrive soon.


Hi Taro
That is the good words for Fukubukuro. Thank you, yes I won't buy a pig in a poke.

Thank you very much for such nice post!
it is very funny.


A couple of years ago, I posted a video about fukubukuro at the Shibuya 109 building. It is really funny.


You wrote: "We don't know what are inside the bag."

"Don't buy "a pig in a poke" [袋に入ったブタを買うな] is the old English saying for the situation of buying a fukubukuro/lucky bag. However, down in Kansai the brazen/zuzushi old housewives in Osaka open up the fukubukuro and look inside at the sale counter. Sheesh.

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