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Saturday, January 07, 2006



Hi there
You two know very well about Lupin, yes there are many "historical popular name" in the Lupin3.


Hi Claytonain,

Yes, there is an episode (Rats to You epi.#23) of the Anime Lupin III in which a thief claiming to be a descendant of a famous thief (I believe it was Nezumi Kozo) and dressed with the "nose bra" as they called it in the show (english version anyhow) while going by the name "rat-boy". In the Episode him and Goemon team up (reluctantly) in order to try and beat Lupin in a stealing contest to avenge their ancestors' defeat to his (Lupin's) grandfather. I believe thats how it went anyhow.. been a while since I watched the episode. :)


I think rat boy's decendant was in an episode of the Lupin III anime.

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