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Thursday, February 16, 2006



hi-I just came back from Japan (western part) and I finally went to a host club (Osaka) on my last night! It was really a lot of fun! It's not so expensive for your 'first time' (about 3,000yen for the first 2 hrs with all-u-can-drink from a set menu) then after that every hour is 2000yen plus drinks. So in total i spent 3 hrs and under $100. And I'm very glad that I didn't end up in a dodgey place! (ie some are a bit like brothels with sleazy hosts). I've seen may Japanese drama on host clubs and hostess bars and have always wanted to try it. I can see why ppl will become addicted. but the smart thing to do would be to go to a new place every time to pay the cheap introductory price haha! I plan to try one in the Tokyo area this time...


searching for a job


Yeah iv herd this too but its rare.


What do you think about the hostess that meet a customer fall in Love and live in another country thats happen to a few of my friends there got kids and living happy in a different country.


What do you think about the hostesses that fall in Love with a particular business man give up there Job and get married have kids and live in other countrys its happen to a few friends of mine. One of my friends has met an English business man and now shes moving to England to be with him.
There getting married. I think its more like a dating game if there single or divorced and want to be surronded by young beautiful women what man wouldn't.


Hi There
I have a funny story. When I went to Thailand on business. The Thailand company people invited us to hostess bar. Beautiful Thailand ladies hostess talked to my bosses. And for me, one young cook from kitchen sat and talked to me....orz...


Hell no, Mel...Hooters is nowhere near a hostess bar. Hooters are family restaurants where the waiting staffs are in extra small size uniforms.

Stig Inge

I was actually a hostess in a Japanese bar! I was working under the table while stationed in the military near Hiroshima. It was majorly boring work, although it paid well. The "drinks" that men bought as a fee for my attentions were actually tea on ice. I could never enjoy a host bar, remembering my own pasted-on smile and how I stifled my yawns and fended off old horndogs each night. I loved my mamasan, though...


Oh My God!!!! You really should see this movie, <>. Weeks ago, I happened to pick up a pirate copy DVD of this film. It tells a story of a European girl who went to Tokyo and worked there as a hostess in this kind of hostess bar. That movie was just shoot when the the disappearance of an English hostess.
The movie is amazing and unique in my viewpoint.


I can imagine women like host club for the same reason as some minority of men like them: having somebody showing interest to you when you talk.. probably the majority of men (yes, we are pigs) like these clubs for some other reason: spending time with girls that would never, in 'real life', spend asecond with them.. Domou arigatou for your blog, Mari, it is always great! mata ne!


Hi there
Yes they are club for women. I heard some women spent a lot of money for host club, they said host club has a sort of charm that they have to addict to.


I am surprised host bars are for women. I thought there would be many more gay host bars in Japan. Are these not common?


yeah..i am really surprised at the cost of visiting such bars in japan....


This is the closest thing that we have to hostess bar around here:
Although the the employees (scantily clad females) typically do not sit and talk to you, they definitly try to act more friendly towards their male customers than your typical restaurant/bar

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