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Monday, January 29, 2007



Hi there
Seaman was the game we enjoy conversation with THAT, but Seaman2 looks the game we enjoy watching the man. I think Seaman2 has low risk for voice issue.


I don't do cooking. I just do the gateway drug of microwaving.


My wife really liked the original Seaman game. I thought the character asked some strangely personal questions, though. At one point, Seaman asked my wife if her husband was in the room, and then when she answered that he (I) wasn't, Seaman went on to ask if my wife had ever had any extramarital affairs.

Usually I buy my wife copies of games as soon as they come out in Japan, but she isn't interested in Seaman 2. She doesn't speak Japanese, and so she's afraid that the voice interface won't work for her. I understand -- often the voice function didn't work well in the English version of the Seaman game. One time Seaman asked my wife what her hobby was, and she answered that it was "cooking." Seaman then warned her that drugs were bad, apparently thinking that she had said "cocaine." My wife insists that after that question, Seaman always treated her like some kind of drug addict.

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