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Friday, March 18, 2011


Nike shox

Great song! Haven't heard jay I love your luo you handsome oh....

Nike shox

Is really very happy! Here to see it, it is so handsome, I never thought I would see the reality so close to see it

Nike shox

This is really surprise! I'm so excited ah, thank you! Also love your luo..

Nike shox

This is really a surprise! I am too wrong it's what I always want too thank your luo...

Nike shox

You really is excellent also fantastic absolutely is my idol! I love your luo.....

Nike shox

You really is excellent also fantastic absolutely is my idol! I love your luo.....


It's cute, I laughed like a mad seeing it... However i am actually in sadness because of this cataclism. I love this quality in Japaneses, that they are able to laught and crack jokes even in the worst circumstances. It really heals.
Warmest wishes from Poland (Porando ^^)


Cute animation :) At times like this its good to see this tragedy with a different view, especially for kids :)


I think this is great for raising spirits and being informative without freaking everyone out - with the exception that poo is involved ^_^. Please stay strong.


very nice ^^


Wow! That was cute and funny yet very informative! I love the fact that it was also a hopeful message.

In my country, all the information about the Fukushima plant seems to be about scaring people rather than giving them hope.

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