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Wednesday, April 11, 2012



I am appreciating it very much! Looking forward to another great blog. Good luck to the author! all the best!


same here! please, dont stop your blog! im anti-FB-er and i love reading your blog! i dont mind you dont update often as long as you dont stop at all!


Hi Mari,

Thank you for your continued posts. On the question of Facebook versus your blog - your blog provides a much better user experience than a Facebook page would. I like to read your post on my RSS reader and finally old ones that I liked I can find again via Google.

By all means syndicate your blog to facebook using a service like IFTTT.com but keep your blog as a place to publish.

Best regards,

Ged Carroll

A Facebook User

don't stop posting! its always fun to read your posts. I prefer this kind of blog.
Keep up the good work!!

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