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Friday, July 02, 2004


P90X Review

you have a very interesting way in writing that really captures your readers.


The most amazing forest I have ever seen is the Redwood Forest in Northern California, here in the United States.

I would love to see the forest you mentioned. Cedar smells so good to me.

There isn't much green here in the desert, but if I go to the north part of the state I live in, there are trees.


oh, this post seems to be one year old, so You must have already been whatever You wanted to go. I do believe that "domestic" travel You mentioned does't look very exotic, but for me it's more exotic than silence for a rock musician.
I can only satisfy looking at pictures or photos of forest on mountains with 500 year old trees all covered with wet moss (that makes me remember Mononoke ;)).
i don't even know if i am cosmopolitan.

*feels silly but slopped over talking in a forgotten tread.*


It's seems that You are pretty matured person from that what you have written, but, God sees, i do understand what are you talking about, although im only 16 years old kid from far off Lithuania. If there are such forest in the world, as Hayao Miyazaki showed in "Mononoke Hime", and You are going/traveling or just off to there, please, take me with You :-). I'm so tired from people, and that, what is called civilization...

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