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Saturday, July 17, 2004


Finally, there might be some good news for struggling Algarve property owners. Thousands of mortgage loans that were supposed to reset at a higher rate this spring won't be changing…

Tavira property in Portugal...


Have you bought a dryer yet? It gets cold out there, ne? Would be hard to hang clothes to dry...

I didn't know that Tokyo has "cheaper" rent compared to Kyushu and Kansai...why is that?


In London, house prices are getting very high too.

An average three bedroomed house costs about £200,000 ($340,000)!


Hi Karen Thank you!! How is your Japanese class?

Yes I wrote as key money, because my dictionary says so, it means reikin. Usutally reikin is double of the rent and deposit(shikikin) is double of the rent too. A realtor's fee is one month the rent, So roughly 5 times of the rent is you need to pay first. When you are out from the apartment, you may pay back some from Shikikin. Yes I think this is very expensive!!


Congratulations! Hope you are enjoying your new "nest".

I would say the rent in Tokyo is about the same as San Francisco Bay Area which ranks one of the top three most expensive cities in the US. Last time I went to Tokyo, I checked out the rent too and depending on which side of the city, the difference can be quite big. But it is no doubt that the initial start-up cost is much higher than required in the US!

I was told that you also need to pay "reikin" as an "appreciation fee" to your landlord for letting you live there, is this true in your case?

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