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Sunday, August 15, 2004



Yes, Japan is very advanced in design, but there is plenty of bad design too, like those Olympic uniforms. I don't think the USA designs are any better, did you see the ugly hats? Yuck.

With so much design work, there are always a few failures. You need the freedom to produce junk, if nobody does experiments, there is no advancement. I think Japanese design evolves more quickly than other places in the world. Perhaps some of it is "kaizen," but I think Japanese design evolves faster because in Japan, design trends rise quickly and end very quickly. I might compare it to British music trends. England is a small island, and a record can become a hit very quickly, and fade away very quickly. So musicians can become a hit by selling fewer records than in a big country like America, you don't have to sell millions of records to become popular, just a few thousand. There is more choice, more diversity, and of course, more failures, but also more hits. And Japanese media is like that too. In a small country, a design idea "reaches saturation" quickly, and fades quickly. And then you have to come up with new ideas quickly. We can easily ignore the failures, when we see all the successes.

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