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Monday, August 30, 2004



well, actually doesnt sound too expensive but of course the numbers are a bit abstract. all depends on how effective they are. however, people spend so much time on the train so i remember always reading the ads on the train. you have no choice but to continuously look at it, especially those dumb ads for english language schools. i used to work as a graphic designer for an english language school for a few months (i couldn't take it any longer) and i think the train ads we had running were quite successful. i remember that the marketing director told us that they made a lot of money from running those ads. so hard to even be excited about advertising these days because there is soooooooooooooooo much of it. also, we all know how untrue many of them are. anyway........ it is all about making money and more money and more money.

by the way, i kind of like the child like illustration of the KIRIN cans. i don't drink (anymore) but i find the illustration fun and it gives me a good feeling. i guess it makes people feel better looking at that natural fresh illustration - maybe they even feel healthy doing that. i don't agree with advertising alcohol or tobacco in general but as an illustration, it put a smile on my face (although it is 5 AM : ) )

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