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Wednesday, August 18, 2004



I have bought Caramel Corn from Tohato, and I am looking forward to taste them, I can't imaging how they taste, but they look delicious! ^0^


Too funny. I posted a comment previously about habenero peppers, and it turns out you know about them!


Hi Mari! Just found your site and think that it's really great. REALLY informative - keep up the good work. I have lived in Japan for about seven years and speak Japanese, but I have already learnt a lot of fun stuff from your site. I will be visiting again. I also live in Tokyo - isn't it hot today!!!!


I love the little Tohato devil pepper. I saw a video of the Tohato factory, they wear gas masks so they don't accidentally breathe Habanero dust.

I like to grow peppers on my balcony, green and red Bell peppers, Anaheim peppers, yellow Hungarian, and Jabanero. Nobody likes the hot Jabaneros but me.


mari--I love it! We must have such a day sometimes! A couple weeks ago, our house had "Pringles day"!

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