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Thursday, August 05, 2004



Thank you for telling us what was big in Japan in 2004!

What was big in the UK for 2004?

1. Poor handling of Athens Olyimpics - big fun for everyone as stadium isn't finished yet!
2. European Championships 2004 - Watch England lose at Soccer. Again!
3. Lord of the Rings - went to see.
4. Last Samurai - went to see too.
5. Glastonbury 2004 - 2 million wanted tickets!
6. IPod - Music for the masses. I don't need.
7.Franz Ferdinand - More music for the masses. I do need.
8. Low cost flights to Europe. Cheap Holiday for masses! I did do (went to Prague for weekend).
9. Camera Phones and 3G - rubbish looking Mobile phones for the masses - I do NOT need.
10. The UK gets it's first High Speed Train line!

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