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Wednesday, August 04, 2004


Racheal Morgan

I am sorry you are being spamed by idiots! I really have a great interest in Japan. I am taking a Japanese class. I am writing a report and I was wondering about something I heard in a drama the other day we had to watch for this class. In this subtitled drama, one of the men sais "Eating alone spoils the taste." Of course, searching for this turns up absolutely no real answers.
I would like to respond to your post as well. I am from America. (Oh, your English is very good by the way!) I wanted to let you know that the average American with eat Mcdonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, or any other such fast food resteraunt for ANY meal. This isn't a joke, though it sounds like one. Really. I eat Pizza for dinner all the time. And hamburgers are best at lunch. I rarely go for breakfast, but it has happened. I know a girl who litterally gets up to eat breakfast at Mcdonnalds because thier menu is different. If you have any questions, e-mail me. I'd love to know more about Japan!


you guys can kiss my a** if you like chinese food!!!!


you guys can kiss and suck my ball jerks


Heh im working on makin my eating habits good too


Japanese food is amazing. I love the culture of it and everything.



I am doing a report on Japan at school. I am troubled on finding the eating habits. Anyone know?X3



Your page threw up on Google when I searched for Japanese eating habits. So am writing to you.

I've received an email which says that Japanese eat dead human babies!!! I can't believe it but those pictures seem so real. Is there any truth in such emails?

Your answer would be appreciated.




OMG i love jap food!!




Does anyone know of a cookbook for cooking oriental food in the US? It is sometimes troublesome to find the right ingredients for recipes. I have lived 2 summers in Korea, and the food was simple amazing, every meal I didn't feel heavy! There cooking is definitely unique from all the other oriental cooking. After about a month or so I could see and feel improvements in my health. I just felt better. Now back in the US, it's like I can't help but not eat right, I try. If anyone has any info on good "US Oriental Cookbooks" I would appreciate it.


Random Person

I want to try a french fry pizza

Japanese food isn't the best but it's good.


I think I'll come to japan sometime. It sounds exciting!


being an american, i can say as a general rule american's have horrible diets. too much fast food, processed, genetically engineered, sugar loaded food, and just plain HUGE portions. for a country where fresh produce is relatively good, and very cheap, people just don't eat enough of it, and they consume way too much food in general.

i LOVE food, and lots of it, but i'm more like you. i love fresh fruit and vegetables, and would rather cook at home instead of eat out. also, most americans don't get enough exercise. unless you live in an area with good public transportation, you end up spending a lot of time sitting in your car, and sitting at work. no fun! that combined with eating too much, and too much of the wrong type of foods had made america the most, i think, obese country in the world. (oh yeah, and the mind set that there is a quick fix for weight loss and good health.)

i'm currently visiting my brother in yokohama. i love all the exercise i get just from walking around every day, and wonderful food. i'm here for another two weeks, and hope to try out some of the vegetarian/vegan/organic restaurants in tokyo. any suggestions? if you're ever in need of a dining or sight seeing partner, i'd love to meet you. i'm here until november 4th.

love your website. GREAT PHOTOS (esp of the food!). glad to hear you liked the mori art exhibit. hoping to go next week. thanks for your wonderful postings.


mari--very interesting post! I'm a fan of food blogs and I just started one. I agree, it's fascinating to see what others eat! I've been reading yasuko-san's menu everyday-- she's one of my favorites. You are now on my list of favorites too!
:) maia
P.S. Did you ever watch MTV's Cribs? My favorite part is when people show the inside of their fridge! I'd love to find some blogs with fridge photos!

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