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Sunday, September 19, 2004



that camera looks good. Isn't that Nakata the soccer player in the ad? suteki na hito :)

it's a damn pity I know so little about that game...guess it's not in my culture...you know here we are crazy for soccer (and pizza, yes, like in all good stereotyped visions about Italians). But from what you say...must be a catchy game...even if imported from US (am I right?). Nice camera that IXY.


hi mari

guam is the summer home of the giants. they come once a year to practice and to hold baseball camps for all the players here. when they arrive at the airport, it's like rock stars are here--so many photographers and fans who follow them from japan, because i guess here you can watch them all you like during training, but it's restricted there.

isn't the tokyo dome, where they play, also known as the big egg?

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