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Thursday, September 02, 2004



"Harviesoun's Old Engine Oil."?! I've *NEVER* heard of it (and I live in the UK)!

The best Beers in the UK are Ales and Stouts. The top three in the UK are "Spitfire" by Shepard Neame, Black Sheep ale by the Black sheep brewery and Adnam's Broadside.

Even the Scots are starting to make something other than rubbish lager and great Whisky! Some of the best Scottish brewers are in the north of Scotland and the outer hebridies.


yes, those tasting events are really great ! when i was still drinking, i used to go to some bars in new york that had huge selections of alcohol. one bar had SO MANY different whiskys. however, how different do they taste after having a few : ) ... i remember a whisky tasting i was invited to in new york city. they even had a real presentation and explanation about it all. however, my colleagues and i had finished the 8 whiskys (small portions) by the time he had finished his personal introduction.

the beer selection sounds good. for anyone going, i would recommend especially trying some german and belgian beers before you get too drunk because their taste is excellent. some of them are quite heavy, though, so it is like having a real meal.

by the way, just read yesterday that some ingredients found in beer can be good against breast cancer. these ingredients are also in wine and tea, however.

I think you can say that you guys drank enough beer to fill up x number of tokyo domes

Julian Morrison

I guess that "Koelsch Reissdorf" would be written in Japanese romaji as "koelushu raisudorufu". German spelling is strange.

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