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Thursday, September 09, 2004


SS ogawa

I dont think youre English is bad. Sure there are some things we try to describe in words that may sound awkward, but i think most of the people understand. There will always be some things lost in the translation, but youre doing a good job. Keep doing what you do, because practice will bringforth a near perfection. If you need advice or consultation, please feel free to inquire on phrase or slang terms to represent your content to really grasp your readers. Keep doing what you do! Pat yourself on your shoulder for work well done.


how do i change japanses to english on the kamom web site? www.otomiya.com/kamon/

niagara man

anata no eigo wa jouzu da yo.doushite 'tatsukete kudasaii' to kakimashita daroo (*!*)


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I found Your blog by chance, just searching for some Japan-related things (I've been in love with this culture for quite some time already; by the way, I'm from Europe)and after reading Your posts, I find it really interesting and... how should I put it?... so full of life, so to say:) Also, Your English is really good, so don't be so modest:) Keep it up with Your blog, that's nice to be able to read one writen by a Japanese in English, especially when the person reading knows just some basic Japanese (like me).
Best regards!


Hi there I found your blog through search for Japanese bloggers,I think your English is good and I look forward to read more. I'm a Bruneian, I speak Malay but English is my second language. I plan to learn Japanese one of these days ^_^ I am glad to have found another blog written by a Japanese in English


Your english is not really very good, it's true, :) but that's what make your writing really interesting.Sometimes imperfect is perfect. Your character and your personality comes through by these small quirks, like a rough earthen teapot or the moss that covers a rock.

Natural is always best and you are so natural


I have been reading your blog for a while now and I love it! You write very well!
I wanted to ask a question though, I am learning Japanese and I was wondering why
ワタシ is written in katakana instead of hirigana... is it usually written this way?


Marco Bresciani (マルコ·ブレシャ−二)

これからてつだいたいです。 I want to help you from now on. :-)



Your English is fantastic. I just can't believe it was written by a Japanese. Keep it up ! In fact feel a it ashame a my English is not as good as yours.


thank you very much for your nice offer. I would love to get proofreading when you find* mark in the end. Thank you!!

Neil Duckett

Your English is fantastic Mari but i am more than happy to help when i see something that needs proof reading.

Mieka Jansen

Hi Mari! I love your blog! I agree with the above comments - your English is very good! If you would still like some editing help, I would be happy to assist you!

Mari in NYC

Dear Mari-san,
I LOVE love love your site! Your English is excellent, don't worry about it. I must 頑張る and try to write as well as you do in 日本語。アメリカ育ちなのでやっぱ難しいです。You always write about such cool stuff - it helps me stay in touch w/ what's going on in Japan. 同じ名前の「まり」なのでいつも応援しています!

Bob Lauhier

The link at the bottom of http://smt.blogs.com/mari_diary/tv_commercial_ad_in_japan/index.html
is dead.

Also - you ask about the banned Panasonic ad with the girl on a bus. It's a London routemaster bus but could have been filmed anywhere - though it's designed for cities where we drive on the left hand side of the road.


well. much have been said and i agree with them; you write well and your site is going well too. found your site through http://whatjapanthinks.com/ which i found through http://www.risingsunofnihon.com/ :)

best regards!

yves seban

hi mari,

Lovely blog, indeed. Thks for the subway announcement link ("Mamonaku, ichiban sen no..."), it brought back so many memories of my stays in Tokyo, worked like a Proust madeleine to my ears. I live in NYC, in tribeca. I often go to Chinatown for breakfast and food shopping. There's this bakery on canal street, called Taipan bakery. I think they're from Taiwan, 10 female servers, very busy, pastries and viennoiseries (croissants and such) between $0.70 and $1.50. Not as good as in Japan or Paris, but for NYC, it's heaven. But I noticed that I go there as much for the chime-music they continually play, like a carillon music for children, and it has a strong effect on me, also like a vague memory of things that I can't remember. But I know there's a carillon sound used in one of the Takemitsu Toru's film scores, (can't remember which one now), very sweet of course. I guess the bakery owners feel that chime music and sweets go hand in hand together, since there are many mothers with children, older people passing time.
Anyway, about proof-reading: indeed your English is great. (I'm French myself, living over 15 years in NYC, so I'm not a native Eng-speaker). But one common mistake Japanese make is their use of past tense, when relating something that happens on a regular basis. I'm sorry, I don't have an example right now, since I read a lot of yr entries...I'll try to find one and recontact you...
Thanls so much for your blog, perfect entry into Japan and Tokyo...

Yokosuka Christine

I just found your blog by accident! I think it's so nice and your English is very good, not babyish at all. I'll proofread for you anyway because I know conversational English is difficult. :) I love the way you write it though.


Hi Mari, I think your site content is interesting and refreshing. Definitely makes me want to visit Tokyo more! Keep your entries coming! Let me know if I can assist you in any way. best regards, W.


Me too, I prefer the writings with the * mark, they are genuine and charmingly Japanese!!


I agree with all others... you wrote so nicely! ;-)

A. Shade, Seattle

I agree with John, I love the way you write. Please don't correct anything, it is most enjoyable just as it is.

John in Las Vegas

Kanazawa-chan. I don't think you should try to correct any grammar or spelling. This is your charm! We love it the way you write it. It is perfect by itself.


Wan Zafran

Your site's a great read, and it's extremely interesting too. A local's perception of things is always different from that of an expat's, :) That being said, I'll gladly help you out with any required proofreading.


This is a great blog. It gives us insights into Japan from a local's point of view. Usually most pages about Japan are written by foreign visitors.

Keep churning out your great articles please!

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