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Wednesday, September 15, 2004


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I had this website saved a while in the past but my computer crashed.

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*Cool! Very interesting post. I like Momo (also because it reminds me of Momotarou, the peach boy) and Pochi and Tama. What a nice dog in the pic!

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My mouse is called Pochi =3



More popular names

I saw, Fidonames.com has thousands of dog names to choose from and you can search them all for FREE! Browse names alphabetically, by gender, by movie, by miscellaneous type.

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it's popular in america for people to name black cats "shadow" which i find very annoying. my husband and i have three cats and their names are: miko, peekly, and peach. my parents have a little dog with long hair named samson because of the story of samson from the bible where delilah coaxed samson to cut his hair and when he did, he lost all of his strength. my husband's parents have three dogs named buddy, shasta, and sissy. i think buddy is a VERY popular name for dogs.

Cool! Very interesting post. I like Momo (also because it reminds me of Momotarou, the peach boy) and Pochi and Tama. What a nice dog in the pic!

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