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Monday, September 27, 2004



'French' is a cooking term, the potatoes are frenched, then fried, hence French Fries.


From their website, it looks like the Georgia coffee is produced by the Coca-Cola company...which is based in Atlanta, Georgia!


Got to love "cultural drift" when it comes to food and language.

eh eh, neo-global food for the always foreign-addicted Japanese people. BTW, never order a "pasta alla bolognese" in Italy, it does not exist in italian cooking. It's a foreign creation. Common food with exotic names taste better. jaa mata!


In the state of Texas, many people enjoy "Tex-Mex" food. It is Mexican food cooked in a more "American" manner. One of the more popular restaurants in South Texas is called Taco Cabana -- very good fajitas!



very interesting indeed =)

i'd love to try siberia cake when i go there. it looks
yummy. sweet beans? you mean azuki? i love azuki.
especially azuki ice cream, hehe.

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