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Friday, October 01, 2004



"shiritakai" made me laugh so hard! hahahahaha
thanks, i needed that!


Hey your blog page is very very well done... I love the icons beside ur journals as they are miniaturesque and yet very colourful and relevant to the topic... Very nice... I am so impressed... the choice of white background makes possible good contrast and delicious for the eye to read and view ur page...

You are an artist! :)


ah.. this is something I am familiar with oddly.. and it is a source of entertainment. Yes I confess, I am guilty of being simple and easily amused. Here is the formula. Take one friend who knows your mind well even when you cant seem to find the right words. This will be someone you might have had drunken existential debates with at 3 A.M. (27 A.M. for those 24 hour clock people)on a rooftop overlooking the Las Vegas Strip until you got caught by hotel security...not that I'm admitting to anything. Go to http://babelfish.altavista.com and write an email to them..ready? translate from english into any other language...then select, copy and paste it into your email program. now send it off. Assuming your friend cannot translate the email we can only hope they will go to babelfish (including a link in your email might be helpful) translation is funny. and compounded with multiple translations..though for simplicity's sake keep it to one translation. The trick is to guess what your friend intended to say and respond in context. the fact of the matter is, it's a bit like sitting in a circle and passing a sentence down the line until it comes back to you, horribly disfigured and dangling participles like an experiment in consonants gone horribly wrong. for an example I will translate this comment in japanese. I wonder how it reads?

ああ。これは私が異様にをよく知られている何かであり。それは催し物のもとである。はい私は告白する、私は簡単、容易に楽しませての罪がある。ここに方式はある。傾斜している右の単語を見つけるようである時でさえあなたの心をよく知っている取得1 友人。これはあなたが3 つのAM での酔った存在的な討論を有するかもしれない誰かである. ホテルの保証によってつかまえられて... 何でもに是認するないそのI'm を得たまで(それらの24 時間の時計のpeople)on のための27 のAM ラスベガスの見落とす屋上ストリップを。http://babelfish.altavista.com に行き、them..ready に電子メールを書きなさいか。他のどの言語にも英語から... そして選び、コピーし、そして貼るあなたの電子メールプログラムにそれを今送るそれを翻訳しなさい。あなたの友人を仮定することは私達がそれらはbabelfish (あなたの電子メールのを含むリンク有用であるかもしれない) 翻訳に1 つの翻訳にsimplicity's の為のたくわえのための多数のtranslations..though とおかしく、混合されてそれを行くことを望むただことができる電子メールを翻訳することができない。トリックはあなたに戻るまで、it's 円の坐り、私が日本語のこのコメントを翻訳する例のために恐ろしく間違って行く子音の実験のようなラインの、恐ろしくdisfigured そしてぶら下がる分詞の下のsnetence を渡し、のようなビット文脈で言い、答えるように意図されているあなたの友人が問題の事実であるもの推測するべきである。私はそれがいかに読むか疑問に思うか。

ah ah, I understand what you mean...I use everyday my PC to write Japanese (using Microsoft IME on XP) and Italian (using my standard keyboard). Sometimes I forget to swith and write in Italian something that "converted" in Japanese is really weird!
For example 地サルと、あpれsと

Claire (クレア)

I know what you mean... When I write to my host family, I always have to look in jisho to make sure I have selected the right kanji since my kanji yomukaku is not good yet. (I have buttons for Jim Breen's dictionary on my browser toolbar ^_^)

Is it hard for Japanese people to read email from foreigners written in kana? I find it hard to read my Japanese teacher's shiken when he writes all in kana and we have already studied the kanji for what he has written.

Shoganai, ne?

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