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Sunday, October 24, 2004



I hope disasters won't come in three too!
I was a bit worrying for my mail friends in Tokyo, but they said it's all ok.
When I heard about jishin I thought it was the Big One you're waiting for 70 years in Tokyo. But when i watched Tv i saw it has been very strong, but not the Big One... Maybe it has been the Big One for Niigata.
kanashii desu.

Big Sky Dave

Hi Mari -- that's very sad, but I am relieved to know that you are safe.


yes, i also feel sad about the natural disasters in japan these days. small (and big) disasters anywhere in the world everyday. we need to go on of course and stay happy and positive but i understand when you say you didnt feel like buying anything today. doesn't it make those material things look sooooooooooooo unnecessary and trivial?

i am getting a new laptop and camera this coming week but i feel kind of depressed about it. i need it for work but still it makes me feel kind of down, i dont know.

peace from holland......

Julian Morrison

I'm glad you're OK! I was worried when I didn't yet see you post, earlier.

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