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Wednesday, October 27, 2004



I am not a fan of this genre. Though I've been told it is one of underlying spirituality and a direct reflection of our social state, from my friend who actually writes and produces horror films. I still feel that the bulk of horror films rely heavily on suspension of disbelief and obfuscation, or a failure to disclose or ingnore certain facts, especially those regarding human behaviour in a crisis. But then, perhaps I am a cynic by nature. I just dont like the fact that I know the ending of most plots in the first five minutes...the rest is just filler shock value. I do tend to enjoy the horro movies that make you think beyond the topic, a little more angsty, existential besides the gore. which, I think is why the Japanese films are doing so well. Even though there is still that formula of gore, there is an underlying thread of value, a "what if?" train of thought. It engages the viewer in a way that a simple splattering of fake blood cannot. The grudge..I'll hold my opinion about that. I thought perhaps it was a revenge film by the producers of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I have a friend who wrote for that show, and I have heard stories of Sarah Michelle's tantrums.... ;p

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