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Sunday, October 17, 2004



shop online for low prices and brand name products on shopping variety store.


shop online for low prices and brand name products on shopping variety store.

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Cat Chicken Hat!!! (adds to christmas list) please tell me people dont actually pay money for these? Poor cat indeed. Everyone knows cats only like fish hats!! The milk pitcher is nice. I like the matte glaze, it's very soothing to look at and the shape is graceful, the little frog(?) sleeping on the handle is a nice touch, but I hope he doesn't get startled and jump into the milk! The retro is neat, but I'm afraid I would end up selling it on EBay. too much clutter. Ikea is questionable in terms of consistency and quality of their merchandise. It's fun to look at until they start peeling and falling apart 6 months after purchase. Todays Ikea is tomorrows landfill. Think of this while shopping and buy only biodegradable. ;p


IKEA will open in japan in 2005. When I was in Japan in April, Scandinavian design started to be hot. I wouldn't be the surprised if the marketing campaign coupled with the opening of IKEA in 2005 has something to do with it.

They have good stuff, yes, but somehow I am always weary of these big chain stores. I miss the smaller stores and items produced in a very proud way. Oh well, one cannot stop the current developments and we will have to get used to big chain shopping ONLY.


hi mari-- I like your sideboard! clean simple lines and yes, I know what you mean about furniture with legs/easier to clean! I'm also a fan of mid-century design! :)


hi mari--that's a nice sideboard--clean, simple lines... I'm a fan of midcentury modern style too :)


...looking at you profile information, today should be your birthday! So...



again...now should be ok ^_^

...forgot to post my blog URL...

IKEA is my mith too! I've visited the Genoa and Florence too, not far from where I live, and I've got lots of IKEA forniture in my house. Some of their products are simple pure genius and the style remember me somehow of the elegant simplicity of Japanese style. Are are not too expensive, sometimes are really cheap.

Claire (クレア)

Mari-san, I think you would like the store IKEA. The one with the largest amount of sales in the world is in Schaumburg, Illinois, US (not far from O'Hare Airport). It surprised me when I learned that fact! I live not far from there. That IKEA store is also very near to the Japanese grocery stores I go to (Mitsuwa and Tensuke Market). IKEA sells many things with that kind of style, although they are not always made of real wood, and you have to put them together yourself. They are inexpensive but nice, not cheap-looking, in my opinion.

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