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Thursday, October 07, 2004


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Perhaps its the less unique inflection found in the japanese language. It is possible for many people to sound the same if the way society asks you to speak is more of a higher pitch tone (more womanly respectfully). Then again voices are pretty unique and it would be hard to confuse a brother or sister, son or daughter with an unknown person.


I think it's pretty strange too, I know the voice of all my relatives.
Anyway, in my country it's rather the contrary, we hardly say the last name only if it's an important matter to discuss. And at work when people start to know each other, they call themselves by their first name, even the boss most of the time.


Yes, very interesting! I would think my parents would know my own voice. When I call my relatives, I usually say "Hi, it's Amanda!" But when I'm talking to my mom, I only say "It's me," so I guess it could happen here.


Interesting - I can see this happening in the U.S., but maybe not so much that it could become a phenom. I have 2 brothers, so I occasionally have to identify myself to my mom when I call since my voice is similar to my brothers.

But if someone called my mom with such a tale, she'd be doubtful, as she knows me and would certainly try to be 100% certain it was me before doing anything. We in the u.s. are generally made suspicious now because we hear about so many unique scams.

The first name, last name thing is interesting too. In the u.s., people usually refer to a friend by their first name only, once in a while co-workers or acquaintenances may refer to another by their last name, but it's unusual.


This could happen in America. People usually refer to themselves as "me" when calling their parents. And parents wouldn't expect anyone but their children to call them "mom" or "dad".


pretty strange ! how would you not know someone's voice on the phone, especially if it is a relative. i mean if someone calls me and says she is my sister, of course i would know if it is her or not, even if she doesn't say her name. hmmmm, weird stuff!

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