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Wednesday, October 20, 2004



^.^ I just love Howl's moving castle (novel). Right now I need to wait till summer for the movie to come out in America, oh how I wish i could just watch it now! Your site is rather cute ^.^ i love your blog pet!

Kenny Lee

Hi...delighted to have found your website...really cool and neat looking...I actually stumbled upon it while looking on the net about Howl's Moving Castle....have you watched the movie yet? Its pretty cool you have the same birthday as me! Oct 18...I was born in 1976...
Anyway...have you heard anythign about Godzilla Final Wars? I recently attended the US Premiere of Godzilla Final Wars in Los Angeles at the Graumans Chinese Theater...pretty cool event...how's it doing in Japan?
hope to hear back from you...take care
best regards


It's odd, for being largely unpromoted, this film is getting much exposure. I have, in the past 3 days, come across at least 5 different and unrelated incidents where this film was mentioned. It recently got exposure and a great reception from its premiere at the Venice film festival..which somehow made it to my email inbox as a news item??? am I on a secret Ghibli mailing list? o_0. I have even seen a promo clip of it, dont ask me where or how, because then I would have to scratch my head and stare blankly until I remembered. You are too kind. giving us information on this when you are not a fan. we are not worthy Mari-san! And what is with that Miyazaki guy anyway..aren't there any Japanese authors writing childrens books these days?! *pounds fist..then whimpers*

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