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Friday, October 22, 2004


proofreading prices

Prices of just about everything usually goes up after a natural calamity like a typhoon, but usually stabilizes in a week or so of fine weather.

Please inform us if this does not happen.


Heheheh, Big Mac and McDonald's are the lowest price's food in Japan, but how is the quailty of this food?!?
Japanese food is surely better!
Yakitori costs only 150yen and it is oishii.

P.s. I worked in Padova's McDonald's(Italy) for 3 years and 8 months.


About the earth quake. I've been following it in NHK and its really horrible. Not only prices of food such as vegtables have been rising like crazy but more importantly, lots of people are getting killed, injured losing their homes! Terrible!

So...Yoshinoya has released a beef bowl dish finally - good news! (Butadon is not really as tasty as gyudon anyway ;) ). The funny thing is, I have noticed that in both Hong Kong and the Philippines branches of Yoshinoya there has been no ban in beef bowls - ever. So far no one has gone crazy of madcow.

Only in Japan ;)


i am always surprised to hear about Tokyo or Japan being the most expensive city/country in the world. i really don't think so. if you know a little bit about where to go, then many things are cheaper than in many other places. I live in Holland and for example going out to eat is much more expensive here. in Japan many places have lunch set menus for maybe 750 - 1000 Yen, really great food plus maybe tea or coffee or other drinks. also, no tipping in japan.

i guess the only thing which is more expesnive is housing, fruits, alcohol. Good thing i dont drink (anymore) : ) ..... but also consider this: the level of income is relatively high and income tax is low. I only paid about 10 % when living there. granted, i didnt earn THAT MUCH but still .... all taken into consideration I find japan anything but the most expensive place in the world.


that's alot of cabbage for cabbage!! glad your were not hurt by the typhoon..lizard. hmmm I will step on the next lizard I see. u__u

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