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Tuesday, October 26, 2004



That Trivia show here in Japan is the bomb. I watch it every Wed night.


Mr. Bean is pretty good stuff, as is Monty Python.

Saturday Night Live hasn't been all that entertaining in about 20 years, in my opinion. They still manage to book some good hosts and bands though. I'm glad that the new writers they hired are making an effort to "get back the funny".


It seems that spoof and satire make up a large part of comedy in the US, with the pratfall filled and certainly more physical humor that is found on more international venues. I think both have their place, when done correctly. Unfortunately alot of what passes for satire these days comes off as being preachy, snide and demeaning. I think if you must resort to something derogatory to get a laugh it ruins the spirit of the exchange, but sadly this is comedic formulae gone awry. I think the Iron Chef is humorous in it's own nature, yet at the same time it informs and dazzles us with the talent and delights our eyes with a palette of creative problem solving. I like both types, but I confess to watching people go boom. When SNL lost John Belushi and Chris Farley, they lost some of the spirit that gave them life. Chevy Chase is too old to take a spill these days..hip replacemnts are expensive. I rarely watch terebi and I dont have cable, but I will try to visit friends who do when this show airs. ;) Monkey Majick have a GREAT sound!! I will buy a CD when I find it. Lucky you!! That singers Nihongo is pretty darned good!! :)


hi mari! it's good to hear you enjoyed magik mountain although i do wish i could have went. it sounds fun! i went to the roppongi art museum and just like you said, it was lovely!! i felt like i could stay there the whole day and i climbed the futon stacks, i had so much fun!

i'm also glad to hear that you're okay after the quake.
i was drinking coffee somewhere in azabu when it happened and i thought it wasnt strong coz no one seemed to notice but me. everyone was going about their normal course of business. take care!

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