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Monday, October 25, 2004



William Gibson is one of my favorite authors. I've even met him. :)




>> I tried to find some articles or photos of him in the U.S and Japan both, but I could only find this dead link.

His name is Thmoasson w/2 S's, idiot!


sounds frustrating, but in the case of the stairs, perhaps the ceiling is imaginary. "Human windmill" is not a title I would be comfortable with, too many unsavory implications. It's a fascinating bit of trivia you've bestowed here Mari-san. I suppose if you can't make your mark one way, the lesson seems to be, make it however you are able. Japan may still be using "Thomason" long after the man himself is obscure dust. An odd legacy, and the fact that Gibson (that lucky, loveable freak) has immortalized it, wow I think that would almost be worth wearing the windmill title. I think it is worth mentioning that William Gibson has had his share of influence on the Japanese culture. I almost wonder if he, himself is not responsible for the Thomason syndrome? ;) I wonder perhaps if these "useless" objects are testament to our unwillingness to accept life on its own terms, or perhaps lifes propensity for being different than we imagine? :)


Very funny, I especially like the useless concrete stairs. The famous postmodernist architect Robert Venturi liked to design useless features into his homes, like stairs that went up to a ceiling and stopped, doors that don't open built into a wall, etc. He was widely criticised for making unfunctional houses, but he said these were architectural ornaments designed to give more character to a home. I personally liked the pictures of the homes, but I don't know what it would be like to live in a Venturi-designed home.

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