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Friday, October 15, 2004


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Wonderful blogs, but about the last two paragraphs (mean I don't really understand. Can you explain it?


hi friends
i read about magic-water of tlacote, but it has no link in wiki right? atleat to the best of my knowledge wiki has info about all the famous things known to mankind. then is it means tlacote is yet unknown to most of the folks around world?

anway that makes me feel that in my country [nepal] we have such misconceptions that by drinking certain water we get cured of disease... but i think in medical science it does not happen unless there is a scientific reason, aint that true?

pls enlighten me on the mystery of tlacote-waters & pls let me know if someone had cancer & got cured by it? its serious im looking to help my friend who recently got cancer positive... pls help generously... thanks a lot.
from raj
[email protected]


hi mari

one of my favourite waters is from canada, it's hydrogen enriched. i don't know about the health benefits but they say it's supposed to be good for you. it tastes sweeter. the only problem i have is that i don't understand how you can enrich water with hydrogen--water is h2o, if you add hydrogen, won't you get hydrogen peroxide h2o2? ??

Claire (クレア)

Oh, are you thinking of "free radicals" and "antioxidants"? お茶 made with the hydrogen water would be especially good, because お茶 contains many beneficial antioxidants. The antioxidants ("polyphenols" in お茶) fight free radicals, and help to keep you young looking and prevent cancer.


i'm not so sure about the hydrogen bar, but since you're already so active, you're sure to be healthy and you'll definitely look younger than your age. no need to worry to much =) after all, worries are the main cause of wrinkles. hehe. i wish i was as health conscious. i eat anything and everything without thinking of the calories and i hardly exercise. i can feel my metabolism slowly deteriorating.

i'm amazed at the distance you've swam. you'll serve as my inspiration tonight as i do rebounding on my trampoline. hehe.


adding more active hydrogen to
water to keep healthy and young...you surely don't need to look more
young Mari, aren't you still in you twenties? ;-)

...are sure that this hydrogen you add to the water is ok? a bit sceptical, but you know better than me, I guess.

You don't need to care about money, right ritght right.

Have a nice staying back home!

P.S.: about the ring/ringu...isn't リング in Japanese, written in カタカナ? So
I guess that in romaji should be RINGU. Or was that a special reading
wester-style tailored for the movie?


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