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Friday, November 26, 2004



interesting enough, who knows if this little zashiki-warashi really exists or not, of if it's only a commercial stratagem...^_^ more or less like our Holy Mother statue crying blood in Italy, you may have heard about this...eh eh. Anyhow if sleeping in this room makes customers feel better, it's ok. Is there any Japanese legend related to little child fairy? I love legends and miths.
P.S.: comments seems to work again, thanks Mari.


I wonder if anyone dies of old age while waiting for their reservation at the ryokan.


I met some guys from Iwate once..they were a fun group! Man, they could drink! I enjoyed their country style view of life. It was not cluttered with alot of the things which trouble most US urban dwellers...of course I am generalizing, but yeah they were a fun group. I think if I were a roving spirit I would hang out there. Though I would probably pick a place that had internet access, or an x-box at least.

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