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Monday, November 22, 2004



The Tsunami guy is really incredible and he looks really pint sized !

The list didn't include any Okonomiyaki places.


oh.. I'm full just reading this. eating is one of those things. I think it sounds great. I get alot of food..then I end up taking most of it home. You'd think I'd be trim and happy for it, but the doctor recently told me I am 10 lbs overweight. :( and I have been working out like CRAZY..but I seem to be gaining weight.. I notice in all of the "challenges" there is not one where the prize is antacid, or a nice cot to roll into and take a nap after all that food. Now THAT would be a prize!:)


i think i can eat 60 pcs. of jiao zi/gyoza but 15 minutes is definitely not enough. more like two hours. i love tonkatsu with the cabbage. but i can see why cabbage will defeat anyone. i think it'll cause bloating or water retention. but i still love it. hehe.

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