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Saturday, November 20, 2004



I loved Spirited Away. I still want to see Howl's Moving Castle. Maybe I can see it next weekend when I have some time off.

Claire (クレア)

I just came back from Osaka (and, no, I did not want to come back here, it is snowing!)...

I wanted very much to see Howl, but I was with a non-Japanese-speaking friend, and did not want to disturb everybody by having to give running commentary through the entire film. I will probably buy it from CD Japan.

It seems The Mouse is no longer including the Japanese language tracks on the US release DVDs any more. Kurenai no Buta and Kaze no tani no Naushika are to come out here at the end of February, but there is no indication of a Japanese language track... I will probably buy them from CD Japan as well.

Fly Molo

Probably the US release is going to be with a dub track. Disney owns the distribution rights to Ghibli film in the US, and Pixar does the dub tracks, so I figure it'll be released in maybe a few months. With any luck I can see a sub version here in Osaka. If not...I hope my Japanese is up for the task. But 1800 yen is a steep cost for any movie...I might wait for it in Tsutaya.
I think it'll be big in the world market. Miyazaki's made quite a name for himself....although I think my favorite movie of his is Castle of Cagliostro. I just love Lupin Sansei!

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