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Wednesday, November 24, 2004


mbt shoes

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yes, limited product lines, niche marketing, that is the trend I see growing, and one I hope to take part in.
I like the way they have developed a product identity, not only stylized and detailed, but of impact to a collective experience, which supports that customer loyalty you spoke of. Poor Kane...he will be rememered for his worst day ever. I think it's one of those things that goes beyond its original scope of concept too. Obviously these toys are less likely to be given to children (at these prices? any kid of mine would have to get a job and buy their own! ;p ) Personally though I will wait until the Mari line comes out. Then I will buy buy buy until I am broke, but with the largest collection of Mari in the known universe. :D


wow! i wanna go to their office! I actually wanted to make my own toys a few months back. I even made drawings, I had a name and stuff. Maybe when I have more time next year. Besides, I don't know anything about the toy industry. hehe.

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