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Tuesday, November 30, 2004


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This sounds like fun! I'll convince my friends to try this soon. I want to eat something exotic, hehe. I love chiri nabe and nabeyaki udon! Yum yum!


MMMMMMM! Nothing says homemade wholesomeness like freshly stewed geta! Beats shoe leather any day. ;)


I think there must be an old Edo-jidai folk tale about yaminabe. I have a scan of an old ukiyo-e of a yaminabe party, everyone throwing some food into a big boiling pot. But if you look really close, there is one sneaky guy off in the corner who is throwing his geta into the pot.


...must say that I guess the portal you mentioned is funny for sure...but as time being there are too kanji to fit in my western brain (I'm still making space to store new kanji...). So cannot say for sure...but humor is something very "local". Guess you won't laugh to some sort of Italian jokes, even if I can surely understand english humor and yiddish humorous jokes.
Yabe seems a sort of collective instant social cooking. More or less like a pizza party where everyone tried to cook a different kind of pizza? (and here always someone comes with pizza with pineapples and banana, blah!)
^_^ yoroshiku!

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