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Friday, November 12, 2004



I thank the Lord for giving us the gift of brilliant preachers!


I praise God for answering my prayers. God, you are so wonderful, majestic. Jesus Christ, I adore Your Sacred Heart.


I can find the prayer I want. I thank God for this website.t


I have always wanted a compendium of novena prayers. Thank you for sharing all these prayers with us. It brings joy and happiness to everyone. I know, I do feel that way.g


I can find the prayer I want. I thank God for this website.


Fascinating site and well worth the visit. I will be back


I like this website. This website helped me with prayer learning. Good job. Thank you. Please provide more French prayers. Bye-bye.t


keep up the good work!


I can find the prayer I want. I thank God for this website."


I like it and the background and colors make it easy to reade


I like it and the background and colors make it easy to readk


These prayers help me to keep God in my life, especially with the many distractions I encounter.o


I like it and the background and colors make it easy to reade


hello all

this is fun :-) !!! but... i can?t translate :-(

can somebody just tell me what this is? a samurai???

thank you


This is Kuranosuke Oishi, He is the leader of a famous "Revenge of the 47 Saumrai" Chushingura.

Anyway they say
You care pratical experient, not sense.
You are a man of Justice.
You are calm, do not upset.
You do not talk a lot, but not hesitate to say what you need.
You are a leader of group. But since you re cautious, you are not challenging.


ps i am still obsessed with takeshi kaneshiro ...'??=?^=**


I do not know my blood type. but I know how to read palms, I was taught by someone who did it for a living, it is more a matter of reading the person. You usually wear your history, the lines on your hand are mostly guidelines, but the real magic comes in when you tell the palmist what they should tell you. If you would like a stronger way to know about yourself, or your future I recommend the I Ching. It is intuitive and though sometimes aloof, it will never lie to you, and there are always so many levels of the information it gives. it is also really easy, if you stick to a version which you can understand, there are so many interpretive texts out there, basically it's a matter of finding one that works with your perception. ;)


Here is Tiger
You are a leader in the group.
You take care your family, brothers, sisters, junior fellow.
You are overreact.
You are hardwroker.
You achieve things people take impossible.
You have a great balance sense.
jack-of-all-trades and master of none.


mariHere is Koara
You need time to do nothing. a lot of relax time.
You are Epicurean.
You are good at making excuse.
You like warm place.
You take a long range view.
You are Romantist, also realist.


haha, yes, there are so many tests out there to know your personality. i did notice that there were a lot of people just sitting on the streets in tokyo with palm reading signs. and a lot of people actually have their palms read. i am interested in these things, but i am still scared. hehe.

aside from this, i know blood type personality is popular in japan right? my japanese friends tell me about it and i love the Gakkou E Ikou and SmapxSmap blood typing segments. Here, hardly anyone knows their blood type. More people follow zodiac signs here.

Fly Molo

Hmmm. I dunno about this Gundam fortune. At least Matlida is cool. I got stuck with being Sayla Mass. However, I was also compared to the "Masterpiece Anime" of "Space Battleship Yamato" and also Kaji (I think) of Evangelion fame. And that makes me happy.
Sorry; I guess I'm more of an anime fan than animal. Close enough though.


I'm a tiger! GRRRRRRRrrr! pass me an antelope kudasai. the babelfish translations are always humorous.. I for one.. enjoy the challenge of deciphering the cryptic nature.. it adds all the more mystery to the augury involved. very clandestine..sort of like the I Ching being thrown into a blender. what hexagram is 65?

Julian Morrison

Ehh... the translation doesn't work too well even though the horoscope seems good! I got the koala bear http://d-uranai.shogakukan.co.jp/uranai/kekka/animal04.html
but here's an example of how it translates in babelfish: "Pleasure principle person
The type which is not the eye in any case pleasant thing. Final judgement every of thing "is pleasant whether or not", with it seems that is many a thing which is decided."

Please, could you translate for me a litle? I'm curious to see what it means.

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