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Thursday, November 11, 2004


Claire (クレア)

ooooooh, hamo--totemo oishii desu! I had that in Kyoto a couple of times. There are a lot of small bones in it, so nobody makes it at home. I remember walking to a particular shop in the Shijo shotengai to get unagi on the special day to prevent "natsubame".

What is the word for the "winter doldrums"? You can take a flu shot, and eat agedashi tofu or some kind of nabe, but what is the official Japanese dish to prevent the "winter doldrums"? I'm happy eating unadon any time of the year!

Fly Molo

Hmmm. If memory serves, Azabu is a very expensive district for dinner. It's (usually) worth the price.
But this year, I forgot to eat eel during the summer. If it works for heat exhaustion, what does it do for cold weather?

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