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Monday, November 15, 2004


Wasn't Kaz his nickname? o.o;;;
Oh well not a Mariners fan, more of a SF Giants fan.


Poor Muttley..doh.. that is mean..does she laugh like Ken Ken? I am glad they specified that she was exhausted from the pressures to produce a male heir, and not from the act of actually producing one. :0 Goodness. Kaz is AWESOME. but Poor Ichiro..always he is Itchy Roe, or Eachy Row here.. makes me want to throw rocks at the news anchors. Nice catch on the Weaver/Gish profiling..that is pretty amazing now that you mention it. I have been told I look alot like Rodney Dangerfield...or is it I sound alot like him..I get no respect. :)

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