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Tuesday, November 02, 2004



Soramimi hour has been one of my favorite moments of Japanese TV not just from the segments but from the infectious laughing of Tamori's co-host (what is his name? He's a famous manga-ka, correct?).

One I still remember from years back is a Kraftwerk lyric "I need a rendezvous" being heard as "ari naranderu" (ants following each other). I still hear this when I play the song!

Anyway, I just discovered your blog and I really like it!


For some Japanese-to-English Soramimi, watch Neil Cicierega's movies at www.eviltrailmix.com/animutation
The most famous is Hyakugojyuuichi, in which

Kimi-tachi to no deai wa zenbu
Chanto oboete 'ru
Kizutsukeatta koto mo atta kedo
Sore wa (e~to) wasureta


TV says, donuts are high in fat, kazoo.
Found a hobo in my room.
It's Princess Leia, the yodel of life; Give me my
sweater back or I'll play the guitar!


how about "no sumoking"
http://ramil.sagum.net/stuff/nosumoking.gif <-- image here





You got it!? Yes I see you! They say, nooooo it is agaist the rule of soramimi.


Mari, I think your English is very good. In fact, you write better than some of my native-English-speaking friends!


I find your English is already very good and I don't mean for an Asian. But then I am an Asian myself. ^-^


This is hilarious!! I loved this post! and it explains alot about Guns n roses..though my grasp of japanese is not developed enough to catch all of these, I really enjoyed the concept. I notice there is alot of wordplay in the culture. I think it is great because it keeps one sharp and thinking. I enjoy playing a similar game with popular songs here in the US..simply because the vapid content of most pop lyrics invites, fairly begs, revision. though I confess most of my gaffs are purely in English, with a rare foray into Spanish. :D


Ah ah! This one so interesting and funny too! As always.
It is interesting also the following...there are Italian words written exactly the same as the romajized Japanese word and pronunced the same (Italian and Japanese share familiar pronunciation...to a point) but with different meaning.
For example...
SAKKA(writer)->sacca->large bag
MOTTO->motto->a sentence written on a family crest
CHOTTO->ciotto->(old form for) a stone.
and more more others.

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