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Tuesday, November 23, 2004


cheap supra

You see? Very good, very good


MaryAnn Lee

I loved the show and watched it all the time when I was a kid. Now I want to introduce it to my sons b/c I think they will really like it. I moved to Canada when I was ten and don't remember too much of the detail but the theme song brought back memories.


Yah, I remember Star Blazers too.

They had Seasons 1 (Iskandar) and 2 (Comet Empire) complete with references to God and original BGM intact. Try doing THAT today!

The American seiyuu were pretty good voice actors (try listening to a US dub of recent anime; bad bad bad!). They made the characters their own, especially Desslok (Desslar) and Venture (Shima).

Who woulda thunk that Venture was from Brooklyn? =)


That is pretty Amazing. Yamato and 999 have had a HUGE impact on a generation of anime addicts. I remember watching Speed Racer, Kimba and Gigantor as a kid..and Ultraman (bad vinyl mask days)I wanted to be be Ultraman. I think I still have that on the objectives part of my resume. I remember Starblazers, it was so dark in comparison to other happy, stupid cartoons. I liked it because the characters were so developed ( do kids really think that? apparently). AH.. Seiyuu. That is a fascinating topic. I think one of my all time favorites is Megumi Hayashibara. She has done an extensive amount of work. Even though alot of people do not even know who she is. It's funny. Anonymous and pervasive. The people we hear everyday, yet never know by face. I want to be a voice actor!..and Ultraman! :)

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