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Thursday, November 25, 2004


Kiki Hamann

For Canine Couture

pls visit my online store!



Chihuahua breeder.

brittany somerset

Doesn't the Japanese docomo girl have 5 Chihuahuas? I have 3 Chihuahuas. I had all three of them before the Aifuru commercials came out or Paris got Tinkerbell.


in the US..the stupid Celebrity shows attribute this boom to Paris Hiltons popularity in Japan. Of course their version of anything Japanese is skewed..come to think of it..their version of ANYTHING is quite skewed. This is why I dont usually watch television. ;p

Fly Molo

I laways thought the AIFUL commercials were a response to the boom, but it seems I was wrong. I can't say I like the commercials though. It's hard to think something's cute when you realize AIFUL's charging somewhere near 30% for their loans. But the dog does set them apart from the "singing girl" ads for ACOM and Promise (pu-ro-mi-su? maybe...)

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