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Monday, December 27, 2004


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Are you felt that it is right? I do not really think that, but can keep personal opinions!

Great Tip


I found the shape of Kaneda's bike is great. It is so strange to discover the way Japanese create things, they are just different from others.

Claire (クレア)

I would like "Skillit" shiso-flavored mints again. When I went to Japan in May, I discovered them. They were gel capsules that dissolved then released the tasty flavor of akashiso into your mouth. They were very refreshing. (They looked somewhat like ikura. Maybe that made people think they would taste mazui or something.) But when I went back in November, they were already discontinued. Shoganai. I guess when you find something you really like, you have to buy a lot before it is gone from the market, ne?


it was more than the shape which made Kaneda's bike the bomb..but it would still be fun to shoot around town on that little rocket, as long as there were no clowns around to ruin the fun. I LOVED Gomen-ne, I just thought the local stores stopped carrying it, like they do the Mitsuya cider every once in awhile ( But Calpis is forever). I also liked the little packages of suntory candies that tasted like the soft drinks..heh.. I remember the Gomen-ne candy..had a little rabbit (usagi) on the wrapper. Man...I'm simple. meh.. what would even be cooler is a USB radio built into the sanitary napkins, and then custom music for heavy days, light days, you know..like Opera for those "drama-queen-not-so-fresh" days...nothing says heavy flow like Pavarotti. :D

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