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Sunday, December 12, 2004


Claire (クレア)

It is really easy to make fun of the things Bush says. But so many of the things he does are devastating in consequence. Not only does he ravage the US with his foolish economic and environmental policies, he stomps all over innocent nations like Iraq just because he can make up reasons to do it.

One of the funniest things to me was something I saw one summer in Kyoto: A young Japanese man wearing a t-shirt with Bush's picture and the slogan "He's not my president." Well, that was very true! It was as incongruous as if I were to wear a t-shirt with a picture of Koizumi-souridaijin, and the slogan in kanji "watashi no souridaijin ja nai" or something like that.
But there is no room for me to criticize Koizumi-souridaijin like that! (I would certainly wear the Bush t-shirt, however. He is not now, and never has been, my president.)


Bushism. That's the nicest way of putting it. ;) There are many sites and books being published on both sides of this anti-philosophy. Though the control of US media by Republican bling bling usually means popular opinion is manipulated and/or stifled..at least by blue state standards. Personally I would hate to live in a red state feeling as I do. I dont think anyone could argue the fact that Dubya is not an intellectual giant..the I-pod spoof graphic would not be far off the mark. Proof can be found in almost any recorded statement he's made...ah but all this is a pointless rant on my part. Gomenasai. Clearly the current agenda of US government/corporate government, is oppression, subjugation and obfuscation by any means available. Anybody who swallows the whole bait offered by the media without question then, I suppose deserves what the outcome will inevitably be. The sad part is those who see will be affected as well, and action may not be an option. Still we can find humor in the fact that a half-wit will stand in front of a global audience and make assertions which he feels are of world shaping importance. It is an arrogance I fear the world perceives about the US in general. Quite humorously though, I found more anti-bushism books available in Canada. Yay Canada! Hmm, in case anyone questions my moral values..all I have to say is Praise Allah! ;)


You probably never heard of Yogi Berra:

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