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Thursday, December 09, 2004


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If they think they are going to win over us by refusing to make any concession, they are mistaken~

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Isn't that a local Chuo line train in the picture?

I thought that the suicide line was the Chuo Line Rapid service (fast orange train) because it goes fast through the Yamanote loop...


sounds like incentive if it was your family that made you want to commit suicide in the first place. many is the Thanksgiving I wished for a nice express train to clear the table and cease the bickering..nothing to meaningful, just some casual carnage. ah, but maybe it's just the holidays making me feel like this..winter blues. gomen. ;)

Claire (クレア)

Mari-san, is it true that JR bills the dead person's estate for the time and inconvenience that the suicide caused everyone? I read that somewhere. The article said it was supposed to make people think twice about committing suicide by jumping in front of trains because of the expense and humiliation it would bring their families.


i saw the news on the group suicide weeks ago. sad :(

why would teenagers want to commit suicide?


I still find suicide incomprehensible. It is complete irony. As if something is SOOO bad in ones life, they just want to freeze it at its worst point and leave it for a legacy. The obstacle one couldn't or wouldn't overcome. Personally I want to live past my hard times so I can truly relish the good times that follow. Not to say we should walk around with an expectation that there will be good times for every bad..but more the realization that even bad times dont last forever. It is part of lifes process and every crisis is an opportunity for improvement. If nothing else it is a lesson for us. Yes, slow trains are not as effective, but I bet they could still put the hurt on ya. So Hokkaido doesn't have as many suicides as the Chuo despite having a longer line? I wonder if that is because the country folk are not as prone to thoughts of self destruction, or the cows are very good at suicide intervention? They have Death Buddy sites on the internet now?..I bet they have a heck of a time keeping their subscribers( But I bet their Hit counters are going crazy). Do you just get a number? Death Buddy 3408 Or do they let you chose a name like Cyanid3Gurrl with the epxress understanding that you will return it by a certain date? I wonder what their FAQ looks like? Actually this post reminded me of this movie I saw..not too long ago, called " Suicide Club " I'm not sure what the Japanese title was, but it was fairly interesting, until one of the main characters commits suicide..then it kinda went cuckoo. It had some interesting commentary, but I bet the story was a little clearer than the movie script which tended to obfuscate motive to move the plot forward and provide suspense. So I have to wonder if suicide is a result of despair, or desire..perhaps they are interchangeable? Personally I have decided if I ever were to commit suicide, I would have to be out of my mind to do so..therefore, I would take like 4 hits of acid (LSD)and go skydiving over the Las Vegas Strip. The colours would so enthrall me, that I would forget where I was and with any luck I would land on a purse snatcher and be known as the hero who gave his life to save some old retiree's hard won slot machine fodder...in a perfect world.

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