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Tuesday, December 21, 2004


iphone clone

I could fill 10 galleries with the inspiration of it.


AV japanese girl!!!
damn crazy and mad!!!
can't help saying ````japan go to hell


Yes, I have noticed there is a HUGE boom in 'cafe culture' in Japan. It's great, because now I can get a GREAT cup of strong black coffee in Japan :)


heh heh.. yeah, my cappuccino would get cold from me staring at it..which would defeat the whole purpose of the steamed milk wouldn't it? Just amazing! What talent! I have to get a real camera before I go to Japan. there is such a wealth of imaginative and creative ideas, I could fill 10 galleries with the inspiration of it. I bet the beer cup (since it seems that was the focus of the article) has a surface treatment to make the foam form in such a way, while technically innovative it is not nearly as creative as the cappuccino art, since your are relying on a premade form to create the image..the original idea is quite cool though, and it gives me alot of ideas for future works, but it is a stagnant concept after that..it loses it's originality and uniqueness to mass production. and waiting 3-4 minutes to quaff a sip of beer. I fear I would lose patience and start drinking straight from the can like the savage I am. I wonder does it have to be "real" beer? ;)


wow, that's a unique invention. its not very useful but i do imagine buying one out of curiosity. and if it becomes really high tech and you can read messages on it, it'd be fun i think. although the beer better be good too! hehe


Here I am! I cannot left this nice post without comment.
First, in Italian we call it "cappuccino" (double "c") or also "cappuccio". Then in a all my cappuccino-drinker life in Italy I've never seen such an cappuccino-art. It simply does not exist here. It seems to me a Japanese variation, cultural contamination, in your typical arty Japanese style. Love your country! Italians have been drinking cappuccino for so long, but never thought to create something like that.

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