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Tuesday, December 28, 2004



(°0°).....I WANT A HK PHONE STRAP!! Corporate America needs to lighten up and get cute. I mean Starbucks could use Mr Bean for their mascot..right? the burnt toast guy is cool.. I have a couple of pens and pads with him on it...but someone stole my Oyaji burnt toast keychain..@#*!!

Claire (クレア)

I like Panda-Z and Kogepan. It's kind of funny to have a character made of burnt toast. Monchhichi I remember from a long time ago. What I used to find so amusing was when every different bank had a different cute mascot, so you could pick your bank by what cute character you wanted on your cash card: Kitty-chan, Mickey Mouse, Snoopy, Paddington Bear. Even the utilities and transit systems have cute characters, like smiling buses and things like that. Nothing like that here. The "brand image" in America is not to be cute and friendly. I've seen oyaji in Japan with Hello Kitty phone straps...you wouldn't catch too many guys with that kind of stuff here, unless they were buying it for their daughters.


of course if being still only shortly after christmas you can have fun by playing ALL the bearsin the first few notes of "Joy to the World" like so:
(again numbered from left to right)
8765, 4321, 56, 67, 78...see??!!! oh my gosh! simply hours of entertainment!

(¬__¬)... he's completely lost it.(°__°) I know. I know.


sorry..that first line should read...3212333222355. guess my fingers weren't as awake as I thought they were. ;p


ha.. I wish I could see the "memories burned out" panel..it would be funny for a computer to say that. ;p I LOVE this aspect of Japanese culture. The cat on the train..so graphic! Yes..odd, but so FUN! and Playboy dentist was funny.. maybe he has a different clientele... I wouldn't use him if I had to get anesthetized...no telling what kind of pictures might end up on the internet, and I wouldn't want just anyone seeing my root canal.
I read your other post about Gloomy. I love those bears! did you know you can play "mary had a little lamb" with those bears here numbered from left to right:
3 bear,2 bear, 1 bear, 2bear, 3,3,3, 222, 3, 5, 3
3,2,1,2,3333,22, 3, 2, 1 ...it's a little out of tune..but how fun is that??!! fall bears...fall!! YEAH!!

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