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Wednesday, December 15, 2004


pandora jewels

And I do not think a young family will not send oseibo to relatives. (Actually I have never gotten oseibo by myself in my life). But it has not disappeared, actually the number of oseibo from company customers is much even now. http://www.panbeadssales.com/

Air Conditioner Installation St. Petersburg

Sounds like Digimon Character..lol

Claire (クレア)

I remember seeing CM of Pichon Kun, but I was never sure exactly what it was for until now. I think there were also cute baikin (sort of like Anpanman's enemy Baikin Man) that Pichon Kun defeated. But lots of CM are cute, sometimes it's hard to tell exactly what they are selling if your Japanese is not very good (like mine!) For a while here, there was a fad on the internet about viewing the CM of the Anabuki Construction Company...

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