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Thursday, December 16, 2004



I NEED one!!! However did I survive without it?
I usually use only a finger to signal when I drive. I'm into ergonomics. Heh..just kidding. I like using signals, or waving when appropriate, but lately I just mind my business since even an innocuous wave can set people off I've found. I shudder to think what my cat might be saying. I suspect he is a potty mouth. I would like to practice my simulated barks into the bowlingual though. It seems every time I bark at a neighbors dog she comes running to the fence to slobber on me..as if I were using some sort of doggy pick-up line "hey baby how about a walk?"..or something. does it stop me? no. I still bark. I must be needy.

Claire (クレア)

I would be embarrassed to use a Thankstail! Usually people in US just wave "thanks" to the person who let them merge. People here are so aggravated by traffic, people will rarely let you merge if you signal...

I have an Airedale terrier. I think she would be annoyed by Bowlingual. I ask her what she wants--usually it's a biscuit, a drink, some attention. She is suffering through Japanese lessons, too, ha ha. "o-suwari", etc.

I read in MDN "WaiWai" that the creator of Bowlingual does not like dogs, but he had to do this project because his company had already announced it for sale.

There is another famous cartoon: two dogs are sitting in front of a computer. One dog says to the other: 'On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog.'


Whenever I read about the Bowlingual, I always think about a funny cartoon I saw. It was titled "If Dogs Could Talk" and it showed a dog chained up to a dog house, barking. Above its head was a speech baloon showing the words it was speaking, it said, "Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!..."


Funny!! Very cute. In the U.S., we don't use our blinkers, typically we just give a quick hand wave to say "thanks".

The tail wagging is very cute (tho I have to admit, I would never buy one)


i wonder if the cats like meowlinguals or if the dogs like bowlingual. i feel that less attention would be given to dogs and cats because of them. instead of concentrating on your pet's facial reaction, people might just look at the translator. and i can't say for sure but the translator is probably not accurate... Oh well, i don't have pets so i don't really know what im saying =) actually, im quite scared of them. hehe.

i think its the same for most countries, the blink a light for "thank you". although i've heard that recently, some people play "games" involving the lights. gangs wait until someone "blinks at them" unknowingly or unintentionally and they chase the car causing accidents.

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