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Thursday, December 02, 2004


Prasoon Bhandari

Bae yong is a hearthrob even in Nepal. thousands of women are crazy about him and i m 1 among them. His winter Sonata is the best.


hi very very very very very good

Joy Divine Reyes

I've seen Bae Young Joon so many times from the drama series here in the Philippines and I must acclaim him for being such a prolific and versatile actor. From all those I can say that he was an epitome of an actor who is not just a pretty face and a typical eye catcher because he seems to posses all the characteristics and aura of a true artist! And for that I end this comment with a phrase that "Bae Young Joon truly deserves the hude adulation of people around the globe.


hi I want to call u

i love a Bae Young Joon

Estoy enamorada de Bae Young jonn y quiero confesar que el es el mejor, es guapo, sencillo, carismàtico, buen actor, uyyyy y muchas cosas mas ....

Bae Young Jun Te AMO


the songs is very good.i love it.but i things the melodies make me sad.


Not that anyone's gonna read this, but, what the hey. I feel picky today...

The songs are not the same. They both have different melodies. They sound the same because they have near-identical chord progressions. Also the intervals between the notes and their patterns are very similar (and tediously repetitive, IMO), but then again, this is true for many romantic love songs (old and new) in Korea and Japan--not just "Ai Ha Kagerou." That's why no one's tried suing or anything. Also, I don't see what's so special about the song. It sounds like every other theme for Korean romance-dramas. It's mostly just a simple progression of 7th chords--like a bossa nova w/o the rhythm.

Claire (クレア)

I played the old song over the new song. They are in slightly different keys, but it is almost the same melody as far as I can tell. The only difference I could hear was the lyrics in the Korean song; there were none in the MIDI.

This would be a case for the judges, the lawyers, and the expert witnesses to decide, but that is more of an American thing, not something done much in Japan, I guess.

If I were the composer of Ai Ha Kagerou, I would be concerned about it, I suppose--people buy ringtones in Japan as they do here, ne? Having the ringtone available could make that song and the artist popular again, and perhaps everyone concerned could earn some money from it, kamoshirenai.


well..perhaps. If we could get Mari to produce an album..... ;)


i am also a bit a lost on why this became such a huge hit. when i was still staying in singapore, he came to town and i can swear that every female over the age of 40 in singapore was either stalking him, talking about him, waiting in line for him... exactly the same way F4, a taiwanese boyband conquered the teen world in most of Asia 3 years back because of Meteor Garden, a TV series. (I don't think they hit Japan but I did see Meteor Garden being shown on Japan cable when I was there last month).

Hmm, next time I want to see the guys go crazy over someone with the same level of enthusiasm. I think it'll be funny.


Is the issue really over the lyrics or over the broadcast via phone ringtones ?

The Winter Sonata OST can be heard from many sources. The WHOLE album can be heard at

David Costa

Hi! Here is David, from RunningTheEarth weblog. Nice to know you found my weblog rather nice... mostly because of the Winter Sonata song :) cool!

I've been downloading the full tv series, on bittorrent. And I've watched 1 and a half episodes, and I find it very funny. The music is great, and the scenery very beautiful!

Nice to meet you! :)


maybe you could get an endorsement by the 80's group and then turn around and talk to that group about copyright infringement. in either case. I wonder about the validity of such issues. Does the copyright cover the tune? The lyrics? if they claim rights to both, then I would think they would have to prove authorship as would anyone. Listening to the MP3 and the midi there is clearly a similarity in the tune, which would seem to indicate the only thing being original is the lyrics..and therefore the only thing to which a copyright could be claimed (at least by this group)is the lyrics..which are not a part of the ringtone, I'd imagine. Greed makes people ugly and takes the life out of art and music. I would think that an artist would be happy to hear their music being shared.. but then I had used Napster back in the day, so who am I to talk. ;) I still give my music away..for now.. and if anyone wants to use it for a ringtone..talk to my agent..;p

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