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Tuesday, January 25, 2005



Mari-you find the most amazing info!


i remember experiencing the ladies only train in kansai and i was actually a bit upset because the ladies train was so crowded whereas the other trains had so much space. i asked our japanese manager about it once before and he said he thinks its a good idea not because he wanted to resolve the molestation issue but he said females are "urusai" and he prefers peace and quiet when he boards the train. whaaa!!

Hi Cecile
yes, yes that is the problem. anyway we should kick his ass actually.


Jonny Angel

I think Ladies Only trains is a dumb idea. It will just make commuting worse for everybody. Gender specific trains is avoiding the real problem. Instead, shouldn't we be talking about why Japanese men don't respect Japanese women.

This reminds me of the problem of bullying in Japan. The media loves to talk about this problem, but the real issue is never discussed. The real cause of bullying is Japanese culture's emphasis on nailing in the portruding nail. Children learn this from their parents and mimic this behavior. And yet, when bullying happens, people seem so shocked.

Perhaps if the real cause is discussed, the real solutions will be more obvious.


well, I agree that they need to add more cars to the line, or schedule more trains. It sounds like they are chronically overcharging the Japanese people..if they are booking each train above 100% capacity that means they are clearing that much in excess profit everyday. Since 100% capacity means that they make their expenses for that particular car then there is no shortage of funds for adding a new train to the line, or hell, even building an alternate line, since they are more than doubling their net profit on a daily basis. I wonder if the government will ever crack down on this kind of opportunism. The ladies only car is both a nice idea, and a bad idea. as you say Mari, it doesn't leave you with any choice..since if you dont go on the "lady's only" car you will be regarded as fair prey for any amateur or professional groper. Molestation punishment should be stiff, but even more than that, there should be a development, if you are a repeat offender you do not ride the train, and if you do, off to prison you go. okay perhaps I am a bit extreme, but I think there should be some sort of compulsory rehabilitation for this kind of behaviour because it is a psychological illness, and it should be treated before it turns into something more epsodic and tragic. Yeesh, I thought gridlock was bad enough, and riding the buses was torturously slow, but to be packed beyond safe capacity and groped..it's like "COME ON!!! ENOUGH ALREADY!" and that's just the start of the day..wow. I hope this is something that will be resolved in the not-too-distant future.

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